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Expert Specialist in the Russian Avant-Garde, Professionals french expert’s union’s member Works of art.
Some biographical benchmarks:
He studies dance with Alice Nikitina in 1952 (creative with Serge Lifar of the ballet "La Chatte," music by Henri Sauguet, decoration by Gabo and Pevsner) for the Russian Ballet of Serge Diaghilev in Paris.
Meets the secretary of Diaghilev: Boris Kockno and he discovered the works of designers of the Ballets Russes who are in his collection (Bakst, Goncharova, Larionov,… etc.) and presents him with Larionov and Goncharova, residents of nursing home in Fontenay aux Roses.
Get a fellowship to study with the dancers Clothilde and Alexandre Sakharoff and discovered the russians’s works (A. Jawlensky, Werefkine, Bekteieiv, Kandinsky), which adorn the walls of their apartment in Rome. He meets in Italy Gino-Severini, he abandons the dance and returns to the Hotel Drouot in Paris.

Therefore, it begins to collect all the works of these russians artists totally concealed. He met all the survivors and examines their workshops: Annenkov, mansouroff, Sonia Delaunay, Survage, Nina Kandinsky, Marguerite Arp, Nelly Van Doesburg, Charchoune, Virginia Pevsner.
Near to xenia Pougny (Xenia Bogouslavskaïa, widow of Pougny), he becomes familiar with the workshop Notre Dame des Champs.
At the same time, he will also meet Madame Nadia Kadassevitch (Widow of F. Leger) and Mr Berninger, a Pougny’s epoque paris’s big fan.
Becomes a friend of Ms. Tomiline, second wife of Mr. Larionov and worked with her for many Larionov and Goncharova’s exhibitions.
Annenkov and Xenia Pougny will be its main mentors, taking account of the period of St Petersburg before the war to 14, until the October Revolution.

He visits the son Grigorieff at Cagne sur Mer, and he buys the remaining Russian works of his father. He travels in the Soviet Union and met the players in the heroic period:
Koudriachov, Natan Altman, Bekhteieiv, families of Rodchenko, Lili Brick, V. Stenberg, David Sterenberg, and A. Leporskaya and its large collection of works by Malevich. Meet the USA family Burliuk and Simon Lissim (student and heir A. Exter).

Therefore it is considering a first retrospective of Alexandra Exter.
The Gallery:
He opened a gallery in Paris.
First Russian exhibition in Paris:
"Aspect de l’avant garde Russe" prefaced by Waldemare George "with works by: Annenkov, Grigorieff, A. Exter, Vrubel, Yakoulov, Pougny, Archipenko, Malevitch, Machkov, Falk, Larionov, Popova, Gontcharova, Sonia Delaunay, Kandinsky, Rossiné, Rodchenko, and Survage. 

Then there are the following exhibitions:
Baranoff-Rossiné, 1st Retrospective,
Bela Kadar, Works on Paper,
Ivan Koudriachov, Exposure
Kasimir Malevitch, Dessins,
Larionov, Voyage en Turquie.

Carl Buchheister, Retrospective,
La peinture non objective important catalog.

Serge Tchekhonine, Theater and drawings,
Alexandra Exter, 1st retrospective important catalog.

Collages ARP,
"l’Archer à un œil et demie," the Russian futurist with works by: Archipenko, Bogomazov, Baranoff-Rossiné, Burliuk, Exter, Filonov, Gontcharova, Kulbin, Larionov, Malevich, Matiouchine, Puni, Rosanova, and Vassilieff ,
Felix Del Marle, Futurist period.

Vordenberge Gildewart, exhibition,
Georges Hugnet and his friends, Dada exhibition.

2 Stenberg 2, Exposition, 4 Sculptures reconstituted Important catalog.

Suprématisme , Exposition.

Works Russians Private collections, Exposition.

he’s dedicated his life to the work of Exter and goes through Europe in search of his works.
In 2003, he devoted himself to his monograph in collaboration with John E. Bowlt, Dmytro Horbachov and Nadia Filatoff, (editor Max Milo).
He had finish the catalog raisonné of Alexandra Exter and he working with Denise Bazetoux for prepares catalog of N. Goncharova. It’s also envisaging a W. Bekhteiev’s monograph.

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